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Funds raised by the Committee are donated to The Philadelphia Orchestra for its "HEAR" initiatives - education and community programs that connect musicians and music with neighbors and neighborhoods.

​We are excited to offer "The Art of Tablescapes" that we hope you will appreciate and support as we look forward to returning to an on-site tour next year on November 3, 2022! THANK YOU!!!

This year we will share with you SIX creative designs of china and collections gathered from Committee members and choreographed to offer a glimpse of how we bring our Tablescapes together. Second only to the kitchens themselves, Tablescapes are our most popular attractions.  Please click on the "Tablescapes 2021" button below to view NEW tablescapes!

​​Prior spectacular on-site tours and tastings!


​​The Main Line Committee for The Philadelphia Orchestra


at the 12th Notable Kitchen Tour

              and Chefs' Tastings

             Thursday November 4, 2021

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